Five Days Left

from Distance For Reflections by Syntension

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Where's your light
Where's your sound

Distant lights in the sky
They perforate liberate
See me
Smell me
Taste me
Blinded by apathy
Undecided but so patiently

I can't catch your light
With my own hands
I would rather die than to deny
So sorry to say
But you kept me this way
So close but so far
Let me burst the cage
Let me come of age
The journey begins
Five days left

Seductive symphonies
That no one can resist
Fill the blackened emptiness
Invading melodies
A cry of distress

I can't hear your melody
As far as you are
And I think I'll lose my sanity
So hard to believe
You let me achieve
Something so close but so far
This profanity
Keeps me off of track
To hell and back
Five days left

I fixed my eyes on you
Why can't I let you go?
Smells like forever
Sounds like I never
Get rid of the pain
And I live through you

Well I feel so close to you
I used to be alone
I feel saved
I feel complete
and I'll get rid of the pain
And I should not live through you

This isn't happening
You have five days left
One two three four five days left
One two three four five

Sweet scents waft to my nostrils
But I still can't reach it though
Pure nature’s apostles
Feeding on pitiful hopes

My heart still will be open
As the smoke turns my sight black
Still your friend but soon your enemy

I can't wait here anymore
It's been far too long
My insanity keeps me away
And I can taste your blood
While your body starts to rot


I can catch your light
I can hear your melody
I can smell how it must be next to you
Inhale the dust enjoy the symphony
Inhale everything of it
We will be bound until the end
Five days left


from Distance For Reflections, released October 19, 2018


all rights reserved



Syntension Jena, Germany

Syntension is a metal band with a twist. If your story is extra-ordinary, your music should be. If something awkward happens, why put it in a neat regular song structure? Syntension set out to avoid rock clichés, knock people out of their music listening routine and make them think again. There is a time for easy-listening, and there is a time for what-the-fuck-was-that?! This is Progressive Metal ... more

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